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November 15, 2016
Meeting Specifics
The Cedar Key City Commission met on Tuesday, November 15, 2016, at 6:00 pm at the Cedar Key Community Center, not City Hall, because of Hurricane Hermine damage.  Present were:  Mayor Heath Davis, Vice-Mayor Dale Register, and Commissioners Sue Colson and Royce Nelson.  Commissioner Diana Topping was absent.
Staff in attendance included:  City Attorney Norm Fugate, Police Chief Virgil Sandlin, Fire Chief and Emergency Operations Director Robert Robinson, Public Works Supervisor Bill Crandley, City Clerk Nicole Gill, Office staff Crystal Sharp and Donna Risker.
Among those in the audience were:  Molly Jubitz, Lisa Brasher, Mr. and Linda Morales, Susan Rosenthal, Cindy Leiner, Jan and Steve Stackhouse, Joyce and Ed DeHaan, Michael Hancock, Jeri and Bob Treat, Mr. and Sue Wooley, Allison Nelson, three Likwid Communication personnel, Robin Gillies, Joe and Bunny Hand, John and Donna Thalacker, Maria Sgambati, and Mandy and Frank Offerle.
Mayor Davis noted that often the second meeting in November is cancelled, but because the placement of City Hall personnel and the request by Likwid Communications, Inc., were timely, this meeting was convened.
Commissioner Sue Colson reported that the Palms Medical Group, which services North and Central Florida including Cedar Key, requests letters of support for continued federal funding.  Palms has provided Health Fairs in Cedar Key for years offering much to area residents:  blood pressure screening, legal services, smoking cessation strategy information, and much, much more.
If you wish, a sample letter may be found by clicking on the link below.
Friends of the Cedar Key Library President Sue Wooley spoke to the concern that the City Hall staff, in search for a location due to Hurricane Hermine damage, may elect to occupy the second floor of the library.  She explained that the library is the hub of the community and disruption may cause irrevocable damage to that function.  She noted that some 4,000 individuals attended the Thursday and Saturday presentations at the library this past season.  Indeed, many groups meet weekly there:  two yoga groups, two reading/book groups, Thursday and Saturday large-group presentations; a mindfulness group, scrabble group, and more.
Wooley encouraged commissioners to find alternatives to occupation of the library.
Cedar Key Arts Center representative Susan Rosenthal spoke for CKAC President Donna Bushnell.  She reported that the CKAC stands ready to help and is “willing to share” its facility.  Rosenthal explained that the Arts Center could not offer its volunteers or dollars to assist, but if space were available and some conditions met, the Center is most supportive of the city using its space.   
Likwid Communications representative Chris Smith introduced the company: P. O. Box 1927 Inverness, Florida 34451, 352-726-1236.  He reported building the company some ten years ago with the goal of servicing small towns; “that’s what we are,” he said.  Services will include:  “high speed Internet, traditional dial tone, hosted voice, and HDTV,” eventually.
Smith explained that his company will bring fiber-optic cable to town and then expand it to each subscriber’s location.  With enough signatures, Smith claimed services “could be up and running by July.” 
A Rosewood couple asked if their area was included in this service.  Smith responded that services could be provided if enough individuals signed up for the services.  Smith and the couple extended their conversation outside of the Community Center.
Smith invited telephone calls to Likwid at 352 726 1236 and visits to the website.
In a brief memorandum dated November 9, 2016, Lisa Brasher, Director, Levy County Public Library System, requested that the city “confirm that Cedar Key will replace those items [shelves] to get the library back in operation?”
Also submitted to the city was a quote from Illinois-based The Library Store, Inc. for $25,822.91 to replace the shelves.
Cedar Key Public Works Supervisor Bill Crandley explained that the city must meet its insurance deductible of $25,000. The shelving was listed as building contents instead of part of the structure.  The question was raised that the shelving was attached to the building and should it not be considered as part of the structure on the claim to the insurance company.
Director Lisa Brasher explained what has reported before:  the city owns the library building and the county owns the contents of the building with several small exceptions.  As the shelves are affixed to the floor, the city owns the shelves; hence, Brasher’s request to have the city replace them.  She forwarded the concern to the county earlier; the county responded that the city owns, was probably insured for, and ought to replace the shelves.
Commissioner Nelson asked if the city claimed the shelves on its damage report to its insurer.  Crandley thought not and was directed to follow up on the concern and report back to the commission as soon as possible.  In the meanwhile, Mayor Davis suggested that the library personnel get creative with book shelving.
Crandley reported that the city and the Florida League of Cities insurer were considering raising City Hall and how it would be funded.  As the building is low and beneath it lies a declivity that fills with water and does not drain and warps the current floor, raising the building and filling the hole are preferred.   An engineer is now being consulted to provide a scope of work that may be presented to FEMA and the insurer. 
In the meanwhile, city staff must be temporarily relocated for what may be up to a year.  Four alternatives were presented for the placement of City Hall personnel:  the Cedar Key Library, the Chamber of Commerce, the Community Center, and a mobile building option.
Mayor Davis asked staff which option they would prefer.  City Clerk Nicole Gill answered for the “team” saying they would prefer the mobile option, a double-wide, 1,200 square-foot trailer that would be paid for by FEMA and transported in and out of Cedar Key at FEMA’s expense.
Gill requested that the mobile unit be placed in the parking lot between City Hall and the Fire Station, if possible; the alternative would be Community Center parking lot. A motion was made reflecting this request and was unanimously accepted.  City staff will measure the area and report back to the commission.
The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:15 pm.