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Qualifying Residents of Levy, Gilchrist and Dixie Counties
Eligible For Free Eye Exams & Eyeglasses
November 16, 2017 

Cedar Key Lions Club today announced an expanded coverage area for Lions Club Vision Services.  Residents of Levy, Gilchrist and Dixie counties are now eligible to receive free vision services from the Lions.  

NOV 16 LIONS PIC 2017 11 15 Dale RegisterClub President Dale Register remarked, “Ninety years ago, Helen Keller challenged the Lions Club to take up the cause of the blind.  Lions in Cedar Key have answered that challenge since 1968.  As we approach our Club’s 50th Anniversary, I’m honored to announce an expanded service area.  It’s a privilege for the Cedar Key Lions Club to provide eye exams, eyeglasses, glaucoma treatment and cataract surgery to individuals demonstrating financial need in Levy, Gilchrist and Dixie counties.  This expanded service area triples our ability help those in need.  Our club proudly upholds the Lions motto: We Serve.”  

Cedar Key Lions have streamlined the application process to deliver benefits faster.  Find the the Lions Vision Service Program application online at 


October 28, 2017

by Lion Steve Rosenthal, Parade Committee Chairman

The 2017 Cedar Key Seafood Festival kicked off Saturday morning with one of its perennial favorites - the Parade down First Street and Dock Street.  Police Chief Virgil Sandlin was at the head of the parade with the Chiefland VFW Color Guard, followed by dignitaries who were in attendance for the Big Bend Trail ribbon cutting, along with our friends at IFAS, Smokey the Bear, the Shriners on those little motor scooters, our own CKS cheerleaders and sports teams, CKS 5th graders (Ice cold water for a dollar!), CK Boy Scout troop, our own Volunteer Fire Department, Ricky Cooke and his boat with oysters, and a veritable cast of thousands (almost),

Prizes were awarded as follows:  Best Golf Cart ($75) went to Island Bags.



 Best Boat ($75) went to Island Arts - Spice Girls,


Best truck ($75) and Best of Show ($150) went to Crab Crew.


Thhe best Sea Creature costume ($75) went to the Crab Suit Guy - Gabriel Walker of Hartwell, Georgia.   


Special thanks to the people who helped to make the parade a success: Commissioner Sue Colson, whose thoughts and ideas were invaluable to me;  Chief Sandlin for his help in keeping G street from erupting into chaos; Alicia Johns, who was one of the judges and took the pictures of the winners; Ken Young, whose insights were valuable to me; Lions Steve Priessman and Rory Brennan, without whom I could not have done this job.  Thank you all so much. 


APR 29 LIONS image001



MAR 23 LIONS Meet the Lions Poster1


February 17, 2017

For more than 12 years, the Cedar Key Lions Club has hosted a Valentine’s Day Dinner/Dance.  Tuesday, February 14, 2017 was surely the finest in the club’s history.

FEB 16 LIONS PIC 2 246EditLocal Sweethearts and out-of-town Sweethearts began arriving before 6 in the evening.  Spectacular live music from Flashpoint, featuring Eva and Neil Shaw, greeted guests upon arrival.  Many Sweethearts enjoyed refreshments while perusing items on the Silent Auction.  More than 40 donated auction items found new owners.  Proceeds from the Silent Auction fund Lions community service projects in Cedar Key and across Levy County. FEB 16 LIONS PIC 1 245Edit

Peter Stefani and crew from The Island Room served up a magnificent feast.  Sweethearts enjoyed Baked Mahi-Mahi, Beef Brisket and Fresh Seafood in a hearty tomato sauce.  The main course was accompanied by new potatoes, garden salad, steamed veggies and the tastiest garlic bread in town. 

Homemade desserts, courtesy of Lion Susan Rosenthal and Lion Faye Sanders provided sweet treats for the Sweethearts. 

Following dinner, the Community Center started swingin’.  From the Jitterbug to the Twist with plenty of slow tunes added for good measure, Sweethearts danced the night away.

November 10, 2016
Where there is a need, there is a Lion,” exclaimed Lions Club District Governor Larry Masters who arrived in Cedar Key with Lions District Secretary Sue Masters, Second Vice-District Governor Bobby Wright, and Lion Blanch Day on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.
Masters and his fellow Lions certainly saw the need:  the Cedar Key Library after the damage done by Hurricane Hermine. 
And, as the Lions motto says, “We serve,” serve they did.  Ten thousand dollars was awarded to the Friends of the Library in Cedar Ley for the restoration and rejuvenation of the Children’s Section of the Cedar Key library.  The check was graciously and enthusiastically received by Friends of the Library Sue Wooley with applause from the twenty attendees before the Library. 
After the brief ceremony, the four Lions boarded a George Oakley-donated golf cart with Cedar Key City Commissioner Sue Colson for a one-hour tour of the island community.  After the tour, the foursome attended a Lions Club meeting, planned to eat Cedar Key’s best seafood, and spent the night  at the Island Hotel.   

November 3, 2016
District Governor Larry Masters to Present Friends of the Library $10,000 in Restoration Funds
Presentation Ceremony 
Tuesday, November 8, 2016 at 4 pm
Cedar Key Public Library
 Historic Schlemmer Building  
460 2nd Street,  Cedar Key, Florida

On September 2nd, the storm surge from Hurricane Hermine submerged Cedar Key Florida’s historic downtown in several feet of water.  Among the hardest hit buildings was the Cedar Key Public Library.  Housed in the Schlemmer Building, circa 1898, the Library was severely damaged.  Books, computers, shelving, furniture, audio/visual equipment, carpeting and more were destroyed.

LOGO LIONS CLUBCedar Key Lions Club President Dale Register observed, “The Cedar Key Public Library is a vital part of our island community.  Restoration of the library following Hurricane Hermine is our civic duty and Cedar Key Lions are proud to help.  Recognizing the scope of this project, we called on our Lions District Office for financial assistance.” 

The request was immediately fielded by Lions District Governor Larry Masters.  With administrative authority over most of the state of Florida and the Bahamas, Masters approved a $10,000 award for Cedar Key.  In recognition of the Lions Clubs International Centennial Service Challenge, funds were earmarked for the children’s section of the library.  When asked about the Lions involvement in this restoration effort Masters offered, “Where there is a need, there is a Lion.  Helping the Cedar Key Library recover from the hurricane is yet another example of the Lions motto – We Serve.”

Cedar Key Friends of the Library will help administer the funds.  Friends of the Library President, Sue Wooley, is working closely with Cedar Key Librarian, Molly Jubitz, and local Lions liaison Diana Priessman.  Following a recent planning meeting Ms. Wooley remarked, “I’m anxious to work with the library staff, the Friends of the Library board, and the Lions Club to create a special place for the Cedar Key children.  I can’t wait to see the smiles on the children’s faces when they see their new library section designed especially for them.”

September 28, 2016

At the Cedar Key Lions Club meeting last evening at the Community Center, President Eileen Bowers made a wonderful, meaningful  announcement of critical interest to Cedar Key:

Shortly after Hurricane Hermine hit, the Cedar Key Lions Club applied for and received a check for $10,000 dollars in Disaster Relief Funds from Lions International and will use it to rebuild the children’s section of the Cedar Key Library!

As with their other activities, Cedar Key Lions held true to their mission of helping others with this gift.  Since its inception in 1917, the Lions Club mission has been: “To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs.”  And serve their communities, they did, with this grand and needed help.

The Cedar Key Lions Board pondered the best possible use of the Disaster Relief Fund dollars.  Lion Maurice Hendrix remarked, “Dividing the dollars into numerous small projects would be less effective than supporting or creating one larger project.”   Understanding the critical niche the Library plays in this community, the decision was then made to assist the Library! 

The Lions will donate the check to the Friends of the Library directly where it can be used efficiently and effectively.  The Friends will control the dollars for its purchases and expenses. Lions Legacy Chair Diana Preissman will work as liaison with the Friends of the Library.  

Lions Club International’s Garry Masters will arrive in Cedar Key on November 8, 2016,   to formally commemorate the donation.  “He saw the need,” said Bowers gratefully, “and cut the check!”

Lion and Cedar Key City Commissioner Dale Register explained, “The city had good flood insurance, but this will help the city with its Number One priority, the Library.”


May 7, 2016

Ninety years ago, Helen Keller challenged the Lions Club to take up the cause of the blind.  Lions in Cedar Key have answered that challenge since 1968. 

MAY 7 LIONS Howerton CaptionLevy County children are where it all begins.  The Lions Kidsight Program screens  pre-k and kindergarten children for vision problems.  Lion Judy Howerton leads the volunteer KidSight team. They travel from Cedar Key to Bronson, Chiefland, Otter Creek and beyond.  In each town, the team visits schools and childcare centers.  Lion volunteers test children’s vision and alert parents to problems they discover.  Howerton states, “Our team has screened more than 420 children so far this year.  Of those, 40 children required further evaluation.” MAY 7 LIONS Kidsight Caption

In July, an enhanced Lion Vision Services Program premiers.  Lions offer qualified Levy County residents eye exams, eyeglasses, glacouma treatment and cataract surgery.  Cedar Key Lions have streamlined the application process to deliver benefits faster.  Find the the Lions Vision Service Program application online at July 1, 2016. 

Cedar Key Lions collect used eyeglasses, hearing aides, cell phones and printer cartridges.  Donated eyeglasses are processed and distributed throughout the world. Hearing aides are used in Lion hearing programs.  Lions provide free cell phones to homeless and women’s shelters.  Ink and toner cartridges are recycled, keeping them out of landfills. 

Look for Lions Recycle For Sight collection boxes and Golden Bucket collection containers. 


In Cedar Key:

Drummond Community Bank

Capitol City Bank

Cedar Key City Hall

Cedar Key Library


Cedar Key Market

The Key Hole Artist co-op

Sandy’s Produce

Christ Episcopal Church Fellowship Hall


In Bronson:
Drummond Community Bank
Capitol City Bank
Bronson Town Hall

March 29, 2016

“Create and maintain conditions under which man and nature can exist in productive harmony and fulfill social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations of mankind.” 

MAR 29 Dayna Miller Waste Pro


Such is the environmental policy adopted by the Board of Lions International in October of 1972.  The Lions not only made a commitment to protect the planet but also to inform the public about its importance and asked acceptance of responsibilities by citizens “all sharing equally in this common effort.”

Fourty-four years later on April 9th and 10th, 2016, Cedar Key’s 52nd Annual OFCA Fine Arts Festival has the distinction of being the 3rd sustainable festival thanks to the combined efforts of the Cedar Key Lions Club, the OFCA Working Committee, non-profit food vendors who use only sustainable food service items and the City of Cedar Key.

In recognition of their generous $2,000 donation to the Cedar Key Lions Club, Waste Pro of Florida has been designated as the “Sustainability Sponsor” of both the Cedar Key Seafood Festival and the OFCA Cedar Key Fine Arts Festival.   The local Lions Club will administer these funds on behalf of Waste Pro to: 

  • Provide a scholarship for the student or student group that takes on the leadership role of running the compost/recycle/trash station (a.k.a. Sustainability Station) at each festival. 
  • Provide funds to promote sustainability in Cedar Key.

Upon presenting the scholarship check to the Cedar Key Lions, Municipal Marketing Manager, Dayna Miller of Waste Pro of Florida stated “We are proud to be partnering with the Cedar Key Lions to present a deserving high school senior or student group with the Waste Pro Sustainability Scholarship, to honor them for their work in environmental awareness throughout the Cedar Key community.” 

At the Sustainability Station, environmentally conscious students will help educate festival attendees and help sort the festival waste to minimize landfill impact:

  • RECYCLING: #1/#2 PETE plastic bottles and cups, aluminum cans, glass, cardboard
  • COMPOST:  paper, food waste
  • RETURN TO THE GULF:  clam and oyster shells
  • TRASH:  Anything not listed above

The Cedar Key Lions Club will present Sustainability Scholarships at the Cedar Key School graduation in May.



March 25, 2016

MAR 22 Sheriff McCallum 1.3Levy County Sheriff Bobby McCallum spoke to the Cedar Key Lions Club members on March 22 at 7 pm at the Community Center.   Introduced by Maurice Hendrix, McCallum spoke for well over an hour to an approximately twenty-plus member audience  and followed with a question and answer session. 

McCallum’s credentials are hefty.  He holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree, the latter in Criminal Justice from Nova University.  He has functioned in many jobs that provide sensitivity and knowledge, enabling him to be an effective sheriff: dispatcher, jailor, trooper, and administrator.

McCallum mentioned that he ran for Levy County Sheriff three ties, the first time as early as 1986-87.  He believes that those results have proven beneficial; he says he believes he is now a better, wiser officer of the law than he would have been earlier.  He believes the position is an “honor and a privilege.” 

McCallum oversees approximately 150 individuals and oversees four fundamental functions:  law enforcement, detention, 911 communication, and 911 addresses. DSCN3074

DSCN3073The detention center is a 301-bed jail in which the unconvicted individuals are placed while they await hearings. The detention center and the staff function in many ways; in effect, the center runs a jail, a food service, a laundry, a hospital, a church, and much more.  McCallum estimates that approximately 50% of the incarcerated suffer some kind of mental illness and 70 to 80% suffer from drug addiction and/or mental illness.  He expressed regret that more, outside of law enforcement, is not done to help these individuals.

He proudly reported on his department’s Operation Melting Pot” in which 67 criminals were arrested and convicted.  He lauded his staff for their excellent work on what was the largest operation in Levy County history.  McCallum was quick to point out that not only are these individuals off the streets, but the smaller crimes that these people engaged in, are not happening, resulting in fewer burglaries, etc. , He also spoke proudly of initiating an ordinance, now a county law, that prohibits sexual predators and offenders from living together.

MAR 22 Sheriff McCallum 3.2He spoke proudly of the 911 operators who are all state certified in emergency fire and emergency medical techniques.  He also   advised the audience to “be patient” when speaking to 911 personnel.  He reassured all that help is on the way while the victim is speaking to 911.

Maurice Hendrix posed a most significant question near the end of the program: “Is it important in a city like Cedar Key for people to have functioning cell phones?”  McCallum responded, “It is of vital importance.”




March 16, 2016


MAR 16 Sheriff Bobby McCallum


On Tuesday, March 22, 2016, The Cedar Key Lions Club guest speaker will be Levy County Sheriff Bobby McCallum.  The sheriff will present his “The "State of the County” address.  He will discuss various projects on which the Levy County sheriff’s Department is working.   Many of these tasks will be of much interest to Cedar Keyans.  A question and answer session will follow McCallum’s presentation. 

The public is invited.
The meeting starts at 7:00 pm
at the Cedar Key Community Center.
Hope to see you there at what we beeleive
will be an informative evening.



February 14, 2016
The Cedar Key Lions Club recently completed a Worldwide Week of Service.  They joined Lions around the globe for this community service project.   In early January, Lion volunteers braved raw winds and cold temperatures.  For a week, they collected donations of food and clothing in front of the Cedar Key Post Office.   At the same time, Lion volunteers coordinated donations at City Hall, Cedar Key Episcopal Church, Cedar Key Methodist Church and Cedar Key Baptist Church.  The Lions served residents of Cedar Key well. The local results were impressive. Photo with Caption

Lions Club President, Eileen Bowers, remarked, “The generosity of Cedar Key residents is overwhelming.  Besides over $200 in cash donations, Lions Club volunteers collected more than $500 worth of food and several hundred articles of clothing and blankets.” 

Sharing the results of this week long collection effort proved to be a challenge. Volunteers gathered donations from collection points across our island community.  Then, items were sorted and boxed.  Larry Feldman generously provided his pickup and U-Haul trailer.  With Feldman at the wheel, Cedar Key Lions proceeded with deliveries on another frigid day.  

Clothing and blankets were delivered to Grace Marketplace Homeless Shelter.  Cheryl Twombly, DCF Community Development Administrator, stated, “We are so grateful for the assistance provided through the Lions Club of Cedar Key’s blanket and clothing drive.  For our homeless neighbors dealing with nights dipping into the 30’s, being able to access coats, blankets and warm clothing means survival.”  Food donations helped stock the shelves of the Cedar Key Food Pantry.  “We were amazed at how much food the Lions collected and delivered to us,” said Donna Beach of the Cedar Key Food Pantry. 

The Cedar Key Lions Club thanks City Hall; the Baptist, Episcopal and Methodist churches; each and every volunteer; and especially the citizens of Cedar Key for opening their hearts to help the less fortunate.  



 JAN 4 LIONS Final Poster.V2




 JAN 6 Valentines day dinner dance 2016



JAN 4 LIONS Press Release for Hunger Poverty Final*****


December 7, 2015
DEC 7 LIONS Photo A Lion Judy Howerton trains lions for KidsightOver the coming weeks and months, the Cedar Key Lions Club will be providing free early childhood vision screening at day care centers, kindergartens and preschools in Levy County to identify children up to 6 years old with undetected vision loss due to Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) and refractive errors.

Ambylopia is easy to treat, but early detection before the age of 6 is vital, as correction must take place before the age of 6 while a child's visual system is still developing.

KidSight screening is so important, because it goes beyond the regular vision screening provided in schools. With specialized KidSight equipment that the Cedar Key Lions Club purchased, screeners can detect children's vision problems early, giving the child an opportunity for having a good start of going through school and life with their vision corrected.

The Lions KidSight program was initiated in Levy County during the 2012-2013 school Year. The Cedar Key Lions Club offers free screenings at area preschools, elementary schools, and daycare centers, working in collaboration with the Florida KidSight Foundation led by Dr. Nausheen Kuddhus, a pediatric Ophthalmologist in Gainesville.DEC 7 LIONS Photo B LDEions Preschool Vision Screening

In the last round of screening, the Cedar Key Lions Club KidSight-trained lions arranged for screening sessions at 18 locations around the county, screening 507 children, using a special handheld camera that takes a digital photographs of the eye that is used to identify potential vision problems.

In those screenings, 37 children were identified with early childhood vision problems such as Ambylopia. Their parents were sent referrals recommending that an eye specialist examine their child.

Cedar Key Lions KidSight Chairwoman Judy Howerton says, "The free vision screening is conducted at all childcare centers in Levy County.We do it wherever the kids are, be it at daycare centers, kindergartens, preschools and public schools.Our goal is to screen every child aged 1-6 in Levy County. This is our first week out in the field, and we have already set up screenings around the county for over 400 children.”

“The screening itself is quick and easy. It’s as simple as taking a picture of the eyes. It takes five minutes and the life-long effect that it can have on a child's vision and quality  of life is well worth our volunteer time.” remarked Howerton.

Cedar Key Lions have already contacted preschools, daycare centers, public schools and kindergartens to setup screenings beginning in December. To request a screening for your facility or for more information, please contact Judy Howerton at 352 278-0279.

To view a YouTube video on how Lions KidSight screening helped save the life of a child, please go to

Photo A: Lion Judy Howerton trains other Cedar Key Lions in the use of the KidSight early childhood vision screening camera and software.

Photo B: Lion Ken Young and Lion President Eileen Bowers conduct screening.




December 2, 2015
DEC 2 LIIONS EILEEN Photo A Donation container Drummond Community Bank lrThe Cedar Key Lions Club Recycle for Sight project kicks off this winter with expanded donation locations and opportunities to help those with vision problems. The Lions are collecting used prescription eyeglasses and prescription and non-prescription sunglasses as well as hearing aids, and expanding their collection efforts to included printer cartridges and old cell phones as part of a unique recycling program.

Donated eyeglasses and hearing aids will be shipped to a regional Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center where they will be cleaned, categorized by prescription and prepared for distribution to sight and hearing impaired poor in developing where eye and hearing care is often unaffordable and inaccessible.

The printer cartridges are sold to recyclers to benefit Lions programs and the cellphones are provided to victims of domestic violence and to older people who cannot afford them. Even without a cell phone carrier the phones can be used to dial 911 for emergency help.

“We hope everyone will go through their drawers and cabinets to pull out and donate used eyeglasses, hearing aids and other recyclables,” said Judy Howerton, eyeglass collection coordinator. “In most developing countries, an eye exam can cost as much as one month’s wages and a single eye doctor may serve a community of hundreds of thousands of people.”

To donate used glasses (including sunglasses, reading glasses as well as hearing aids, cellphones and printer cartridges,) place them in the specially marked Lions Recycle For Sight collection boxes and/or our new Golden Bucket collection container to be found at the following locations:

In Cedar Key:
Drummond Community Bank
Capitol City Bank
Cedar Key City Hall
Cedar Key Library
The Key Hole Artist co-op
Sandy’s Produce
Christ Episcopal Church Fellowship Hall
In Bronson:
Drummond Community Bank
Capitol City Bank
Bronson Town Hall

Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest service club organization with more than 1.4 million members in approximately 46,000 clubs in over 200 countries and geographical areas around the world. Since 1917, Lions clubs have aided the blind and visually impaired and made a strong commitment to community service and serving youth throughout the world.DEC 2 LIONS BUCKET Photo B Donation container lr

The Cedar Key Lions Club meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 6:30 at the Cedar Key Community Center.  Lions clubs are a group of men and women who identify needs within the community and work together to fulfill those needs. Lions also assist those in need in obtaining vision exams and eyeglasses, as well as eye surgery and hearing aids and screen preschool age children in Levy County for possible early childhood vision problems. For more information about the Lions vision care program and hearing aid program, please visit

Pictured: Cedar Key Lions President Eileen Bowers presents the new Lions “Golden Bucket” collection container to Bank Vice President Heath Davis for placement in the Drummond Community Bank Lobby. The container accepts old eyeglasses, hearing aids, printer ink cartridges and cell phones for recycling and redistribution to people in need.




October 19, 2015
The Cedar Key Lions Club commenced their ninth year of trash pick up on October 10  along the adopted two miles of Highway 24 leading up to the Number Four Bridge in Cedar Key.OCT 19 RORY A 3 FOLKS

Volunteers Lannie and Sarah Cardona, Eileen Bowers, Larry Feldman, George Sresovich, Ralph Selby and Teri and Rory Brennan collected eleven 30 gallon bags of trash and some truck tire retreads from Route 24, tidying up the road into town for the upcoming week's Seafood Festival visitors.






 Lions 46th Annual Cedar Key Seafood Festival
Saturday Oct.17 and Sunday Oct.18, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Come out to Cedar Key Oct 17-18 for Seafood,Arts & Crafts,
a Seafood Festival Parade and Live music on the Gulf.


SEP 30 RORY 2014 Seafood Festival Arts and CraftsThe 46th Annual Cedar Key Seafood Festival offers a family fun weekend of great food, fine arts and crafts, shopping, music and more, organized by the Cedar Key Lions Club and the Cedar Key Lioness with sponsorship from the Florida Dept. of Agriculture's Fresh From Florida Seafood promotion program.

Located in Historic Cedar Key, named by Budget Travelmagazine as one of America’s coolest small towns, the 46th annual festival offers fine food, entertainment, shopping and family fun on the Gulf of Mexico.SEP 30 RORY 2014 Seafood Festival fish dinner

Arts and Crafts, Music

Marking its 46th year, the Lions Club Cedar Key Seafood Festival celebrates the area’s fishing heritage, offering two days of fantastic food and family fun, with over 200 arts and crafts exhibitors along Second Street. Enjoy free live music by The Gibsons and local singer songwriters in Cedar Key’s beautiful Gulf of Mexico beach front park,where festival food is provided by Cedar Key community, church and school organizations as their biggest fundraiser of the year.

Fresh Seafood
Fresh seafood offerings include steamed clams, clam chowder, clam fritters, grouper sandwiches, shrimp nachos, seafood empanadas, crab cakes, and fried mullet all for $5-$8. 
Landlubber food
And if seafood is not your thing, hot dogs, BBQ sandwiches as well as Florida corn on the cob and French fries will be served.
SEP 30 RORY 2014 parade 2nd place winner Island Arts Spiced GirlsDesserts
Not forgetting the sweet tooth, a wide selection of cakes and cookies and key lime cones will be available with fruit smoothies, iced tea, lemonade, soda and bottled water to quench your thirst.  And the perfect souvenir to remember your seafood festival experience: a container of smoked mullet dip to take on home.
The popular Seafood Festival parade with the theme, “Protect Our Water” begins at 11 am on Saturday. Cash prizes will be awarded for the best judged entries regarding conservation, monofilament recycling and pollution. Parade registration forms are available at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and
100% Sustainable Festival
Following the Lions International adopted environmental policy “to protect the planet and asking all citizens for acceptance of this responsibility” this will be a 100% sustainable festival. All vendors will serve their food on compostable or recyclable food service items, and visitors will be guided by signs and student volunteers where o dispose of their food service items appropriately. Clam and oyster shells will be returned to the Gulf of Mexico; paper, wood, cardboard and food scraps will be composted and plastic and aluminum items will be recycled.
How to get there
Location: Cedar Key, Levy County, Florida.  State Route 24 and Second Street and at the Gulf front City Park. 9-5 Saturday and Sunday, Oct 17 & 18.



June 5, 2015

Cedar Key Lions President Dale Register announced an award to the Cedar Key School Patrol of $1,000.00 to help support their educational trip to Washington DC this summer.  The Lions have supported this excellent educational trip for many years. 

Congratulations to the Cedar Key School Patrol! 

The Lions are very proud of you!


March 29, 2015
MAR 29 A- New Lions Leslie Valens and Steve and Diana Priessman receive their Lions vests. 1Lloyd Kelly, Leslie Valens, and Steve and Diana Priessman, were inducted as new members of the Cedar Key Lions Club on March 24.

The induction ceremony was presided by Earl Box, a longtime Cedar Key Winter Resident, past associate Cedar Key Lions member and Lions Past District Governor. Box reminded current and incoming members of the history and tradition of Lions community service, especially in the area of vision care, going back to Helen Keller’s challenge in 1925 to the Lions to become "knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness."

Valens and the Priessmans were welcomed and pinned by their respective sponsors, Faye Sanders and Maurice Hendrix. Lion Ken Young stood in for incoming Lion Lloyd Kelly who could not be present that evening.MAR 29 B -New Lions Leslie Valens Steve and Diana Priessman. Not in photo - Lloyd Kelly

The four new Lions join the 1.36 million members in 210 countries and geographic areas, meeting the needs of local communities worldwide, sharing a core belief: community is what we make it.

When you join the Lions, you join a global service network. So, at the same time that you're doing local community service, you can also contribute to Lions volunteer efforts around the world.

If interested in learning more about joining the Cedar Key Lions Club, please contact Membership Chairman Maurice Hendrix at 543 6837.


New Lions Leslie Valens and Steve and Diana Priessman try on their Lions Vests as Membership Chair Maurice Hendrix and Past District Governor Earl Box look on.


New Lions Leslie Valens, and Steve and Diana Priessman.



                                                                                     MAR 29 Brennan Awarded Highest Lions HonorMAR 29 PIC A-Rory Brennan Receives Lions Award from Lions President Dale Register





March 24, 2015
Nine Cedar Key Lions and volunteers set out on the first day of Spring on March 21  to pick
up roadside litter along the two miles of State Road 24 adopted by the Cedar Key Lions Club.
A - Adopt a Highway tx
B - Adopt a Highway tx
C- Adopt-a-Highway tx
D adopt a highway tx
The Lions and volunteers collected over 20 bags of trash and refuse weighing an estimated 200 lbs. 
Photos by Rory Brennan
March 7, 2015

MAR 7 Jennie Pinto Lions Vision Chairwoman


"Thank you so much for paying for my eye exam and glasses. I am disabled and don't have the money for them or the transportation to the doctor.”

"I want to thank you for helping me get my glasses. It means the world to me that someone would help me, so THANK YOU!”

“ I just want you to know how much I appreciate your help for getting my glasses. I would really like to thank you for all the help you gave me with me glasses. Eyesight is important and the Lions Club knows the value of it, so I owe you a great big hug and thank you so very much.”

These are just some of the thank you notes from the over 210 people who have had their vision restored in 2014 thanks to help from the Cedar Key Lions Club. The Lions Club Vision Care program assists people who are in need of eye exams, eyeglasses and eye surgery in Levy, Dixie and Gilchrist Counties.

According to Dale Register, President of the Cedar Key Lions Club, “Lions are recognized worldwide for their work with the visually impaired and blind, a cause Lions have supported since Helen Keller’s call to Lions in 1925 to be ‘Knights of the Blind.’ Our support of our many neighbors in need of help with vision care here in Cedar Key and Levy County – and expanded in 2014 to include Dixie and Gilchrist County residents – has doubled in the number of people we could help in 2014 over 2013. It shows how Lions make a difference in our community.”

From a young child to an 90 year old widow, over 210 people have had eye exams, been outfitted with eyeglasses or received eye surgery help in 2014, thanks to assistance from the Cedar Key Lions Club in cooperation with optometrist Dr. Richard Wagner of Chiefland, himself a member of the Chiefland Lions Club.

"It is so personally satisfying to help!" says Cedar Key Lions Vision Chairwoman Jennie Pinto. "Without the hard work and dedication of past and present Lions, helping people to see again would not be possible. The joy that comes with this 'job' lifts my spirits every week.  I am truly grateful for the opportunity to show, that as Lions, WE SERVE."

The Cedar Key Lions Club vision mission also encompasses the KidSight early preschool childhood vision screening to identify possible early child hood vision issues in children such as “lazy eye” while they are still treatable.  Our affordable hearing aid program helps provide free or low cost hearing aids to those who meet the needs criteria.

You can help others by recycling your used eyeglasses and hearing aids at the Cedar Key Lions Recycling boxes located at City Hall, The Drummond Bank and at the Episcopal Church fellowship hall.

Applications for Lions eye vision care and hearing aid assistance are available at the Cedar Key Library.

For information on the Lions Vision program, contact Jennie Pinto at 352-325-1066.

For information on the hearing aid program, contact Eileen Bowers at 352 410-3685.

If you are interested in joining the Lions Club, contact Membership Chairman Maurice Hendrix at 352 543-6837.

Photo of:  Jennie Pinto, Cedar Key Lions Club Vision Chairwoman

Photo credit:  Rory Brennan



February 22, 2015
FEB 22 Sustainable Valentines DayPictured is the Cedar Key Lions Club Valentine’s Day Dance Decorating leader Eileen Bowers the morning after with one of only three similarly sized small bags of trash that were generated by the Lion's Valentine's Dinner Dance hosting 144 guests.  The bulk of the refuse, all #1 plastics, glass, aluminum foil and cardboard were recycled. All decorations were saved for future events. All food waste, paper plates, cups and napkins and wooden utensils were composted, thanks to a sustainability partnership with Amy and Henry Gernhardt, who compost paper and food waste for organic material for their greenhouse. 

As Bowers announced at the dance,

The event tonight is to support the Lions’ ongoing commitment to serve the sight and hearing impaired but it is also an opportunity to uphold the Lions’ 1972 policy commitment to protect the planet for future generations and inform the public about its importance.  To that end, we've asked Cedar Key community groups to share equally in this common effort of making the upcoming Arts Festival and all future festivals, sustainable events.  Tonight's sustainable event upholds that commitment as well.”

Photo by Rory Brennan.


February 22, 2015
Valentines Day 1144 people dined on delicious food catered by the Island Room Restaurant and danced the evening away to music provided by the Cruise Control band at the Cedar Key Lions Club’s annual Valentine’s Day Dinner Dance.Valentines day 3

Lions President Dale Register said “The fundraiser was a huge success, thanks to our triad of Dance Committee chairwomen, Judy Howerton, Faye Sanders and Sarah Cardona, our decorating committee led by Eileen Bowers, the Lions members who sold a record amount of tickets for the event as well as the generous contributors who donated silent auction items.”

valentines day cakeRegister continued, “Not only did we have a large turnout with everyone having a wonderful time, but the fundraising exceeded all expectations. The funds raised will help pay for eye surgeries, vision exams and eyeglasses for needy persons in our service area – Thank you to all who participated!”

Photos by  Judy Howerton, Faye Sanders, and susan RRosenthal.





February 10, 2015
FEB 10 Cedar Key Lions Induct New MembersLinda Dale, Joan Selby and Susan Rosenthal were inducted as new members of the Cedar Key Lions Club on January 27.
The induction ceremony was presided by Earl Box, a longtime Cedar Key Winter Resident and Lions Past District Governor, sharing stories of his experience as a Lion in Canada as well as the reminding members of the history and tradition of Lions community service, especially in the area of vision care, going back to Helen Keller’s challenge in 1925 to the Lions to become "knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness."Linda Dale New Lions member

Linda, Joan and Susan were welcomed and pinned by their respective sponsors, Faye Sanders and Ralph Selby, who also stood in as sponsor for Susan, whose sponsor, Steve Rosenthal, was out ill.

feb 10 Susan Rosenthal New Lions member1The three new Lions join the 1.36 million members in 210 countries and geographic areas, meeting the needs of local communities worldwide, sharing a core belief: community is what we make it.

When you join the Lions, you join a global service network. So, at the same time that you're doing local community service, you can also contribute to Lions volunteer efforts around the world.

If interested in learning more about joining the Cedar Key Lions Club, please contact Membership Chairman Maurice Hendrix at 543 6837.

feb 10 Joan Selby New Lions MemberIn the photo, from left to right are:Sponsors Faye Sanders and Ralph Selby, PDG Earl Box, and new Cedar Key Lions members Linda Dale, Joan Selby, and Susan Rosenthal.




FEB 4 Valentines day dinner dance 2015 2 copy


February 7, 2015 
FEB 7 FFA Presents at Cedar Key Lions Club 1-27-15 2
The Cedar Key School FFA officers conducted a sample parliamentary meeting of the FFA as a presentation to members of the Cedar Key Lions Club, followed by a Question and Answer session at the Lions Club meeting on January 27.
Accompanied by proud parents and their beaming FFA school leader, Dennis Voyles, the students deeply impressed Lion members with their smooth parliamentary meeting procedures, their poise, maturity, elocution, and the quality of their presentation. 
Cedar Key can be proud of The Cedar Key School student FFA members, who, under the guidance of Mr. Voyles, have been consistent statewide winners at FFA competitions outperforming FFA clubs from far larger schools and districts. The students have also grown and donated over 8000 lbs of vegetables to the Cedar Key Food Pantry.   
Pictured in the photo are:
Mr. Dennis Voyles and the officers of the Cedar Key School FFA: Jayden Cannon, Trey Stanfield, Terra Dunn, Amanda Robinson, Casey Williams, Grace Cowart, and Macy Ryan.



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