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Bill Robinson
  7  FEBRUARY  2015
When I was growing up I used to help a dairy farmer part time during milking. This man would always turn on the radio real loud so all the cows could hear it. He had a channel that played all the ‘softies’ and claimed the cows gave more milk when listening to such soothing music. If I were a cow I would just go to sleep. This situation may be a fact or it just may not but it does bring up the question do plants grow better listening to music?
A friend and I got into just this discussion a while back and he suggested that plants may grow better because of it. He claimed he felt better with good music which made him more vigorous on the dance floor. He said different music created different moods for him (such as down music made him feel down while up music was quite positive in mood).
All this led to the discussion of what type of music do plants like? Vivaldi’s Four Seasons has three seasons to many so this song won’t work. Pick‘in and grin‘in might work but plants don’t smile. Bluegrass would work in only Kentucky. Ragtime might work for only cotton but not tomatoes. Rock and roll would cause dead plants to roll over in their graves. Rap would teach the plants bad language and anything played in a dentist’s office would scare the daylights out of any living plant. 
So after much debate and incredible consideration the consensus was none other than jazz! Well, let’s think about this for a minute. This music doesn’t have to be loud or played every day as it could be played every other day or in some combination. It could be different artists or the same one. It could be played at night (I do better at night myself).     
One thing that I think is for sure, the plants will all die if you play the wrong music. The plants do not make music so maybe its best you don’t either. I got a great deal on a violin which i can’t play but I’ll practice in the greenhouse.
Sing to yourself . . . . . Broccoli Billy
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