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Bill Robinson
  16 NOVEMBER 2014

It would be a dark world without light and so it has been over eons of time.    The rhythm of light and dark effects all life on earth, both plant and animal, disco lights, effected my night life years ago and is a powerful force.    We have internal “time clocks” as daylight tells us to wake up (don’t count alarm clocks which I hate) and darkness tells us to sleep.    When I retired I destroyed all my alarm clocks even though I didn’t have any C-4 plastic explosive handy. 

  The rhythm of light and dark has many profound effects on plants.     Let’s call this subject photoperiod (we’re not ready for your camera yet) which triggers many things to happen in plants.   Now to create some confusion. The scientists originally thought that it was light that did all these things, then later discovered that “uninterrupted darkness’ was the true factor (moonlight doesn’t count) in a lot of plant behavior.    So now I can bring forth; short day, long day and day neutral. The northern states have longer days than the southern states which might be caused by the earth’s tilted axis.    I get tilted after a few tropical drinks.   

By now you should be completely confused and tilted as I am.    But any way onions, strawberries, and many more flowers and plants are sensitive to light.    Plant short day onions or day neutral in the south and long day or day neutral onions in the north as the length of darkness controls their growth.    The scientist in order to reduce confusion never converted to short night, long night and night neutral so that’s why we use the old terms.    It might have been simpler for all of us if they just kept quiet.     You might think after reading all this I’m applying for a government grant but no, I’m applying banana, pineapple and cream de cacao to a large portion of rum to stop all the confusion.    

Keep things straight, Broccoli Billy
Copyright © by Bill Robinson 2014
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