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Bill Robinson
  28 NOVEMBER 2014

Let’s go on a journey together, with a new version of Thomas Jefferson’s Lewis &Clark expedition. Our president has just commissioned Mr. John Star and Thomas Dust to take on the tremendous task, which is known as the “stardust” expedition!    The goal is to establish a food producing facility on the moon as a supply for interplanetary space travel.

Let’s imagine what this facility might be like, as this requires a big imagination. Our so called greenhouse would have to be underground to temper extreme heat and cold.    We might need a nuclear reactor (perhaps the size of a 5 gallon bucket to provide electricity and controlled heat) for our operation. Water being very heavy on earth is a problem so we need sister ships to supply it in multiple trips. All internal structures could be mostly of carbon fiber which is light and very strong and made here on earth. 

  The next move is to establish an artificial atmosphere and self-perpetuating at the time. I think oxygen, carbon and nitrogen might do the trick without the other gases (no human gasses included).    Up go more sister ships with these three gases, supplies and fertilizer, along with plants and seeds.          

Every single item that goes to the moon has to be sterilized (excluding humans) so that no diseases and such are transferred to the moon. Are you still with me? What types of food do we grow in our “star dust” greenhouse? I would think of high nutritional vegetables that are turned to mush to be put into squeeze tubes. Most all juice would have to be squeezed out of all products so the greenhouse keeps its water source.    Our little fish pond gives us dried fish [doesn’t this sound good] along with dried seaweed and algae. Did you notice that you must bring your own water? I’m not bringing water as I have plenty of ‘planetary’ drinks to bring with me. Imagine that! 

Thrust your engines, Broccoli Billy 

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