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March 5, 2017
Overcoming a few early mental mistakes, Coach Joe Bishop’s boys baseball team got the season off to a solid start by outlasting the Northside Christian Academy 14-4.   The visitors from Starke jumped in the lead with two runs in the first, thanks mostly to two infield hits that barely traveled  80 feet combined.  The Sharks countered by batting around in their half , keyed by Joey Stewart’s two-run double.  Stewart, Cedar Key’s most experienced pitcher, allowed only one more run in the next two innings, using his sharp tailing fastball to fan seven of the nine outs he recorded.   Dillon Allen finished with two strong innings, wriggling out of a bases-loaded-one-out jam in the top of the fifth to set up the Sharks’ winning four run rally in the bottom of the inning.  Stewart had two doubles to lead the offense, as did surprise batting star Mikey Beckham, playing in his first game.  Trace Epperson sealed the win with a sharp two run single in the bottom of the fifth.  Veteran catcher Nate Brinkman handled the two pitchers well, framing the pitches with great skill, making it easier for the umpires to call strikes at crucial junctures.       

The Sharks travel to Ocala Tuesday for what promises to be their first real test of the fledgling season.   It’s hard to tell too much from this first game -against an overmatched team.  The contest dragged at times –mainly because of the opposing hurler’s inability to throw strikes with any regularity.  “There ain’t no way it’s still the fifth inning,” one Shark player observed as the game moved past the two hour mark, accurately expressing the sentiments of most Shark players and fans.  But a win is a win, and this team has definite promise.  Featuring a nice blend of experienced players with younger, less experienced ones, the Sharks baseball nine will be competitive and engaging, certainly worth watching for anyone who enjoys watching youngsters playing ball just for the joy of it.  So come on out to the field across from the Dollar General for the next game.  Be sure to bring a chair.  


 State Horse Judging CDE
06 FEBRUARY 2017

StHrseJudgingTeam xe


Saturday (2/4/17) the Cedar Key Middle FFA Chapter is making a statement in the horse judging world. For the second year in a row the middle school chapter (6th-8th grades) has placed TOP 10 in the state, tying for 9th place.
This year’s contest had close to 40 competing teams, judging 2 classes of Standardbred horses, one class of Morgan horses, a warmblood class and completing a 100-item skill-a-thon. Usually a horse team has easy access to live specimens and most competitors own their own horses, which gives them a leg up in the competition.
The Cedar Key team is at a definite disadvantage in this department but the five girls on this year’s team proved that you don't have to own a horse to judge a horse. For two members of the team their first experience with a horse was this year when the FFA Advisor, Rachel Wetherington, took them to a hands-on horse practice in Ocala. "It's a big deal to these kids, they put their heart and soul into this contest and are so proud for their hard work to pay off.
Many have already stated that they plan on practicing (for next year) now, so that can bring home a state championship" stated Mrs. Wetherington, when asked about the contest. The Cedar Key Middle and SR chapters congratulate the team on a fabulous representation at the state contest. 



03 FEBRUARY 2017

Dirty 6763xe

The high school agriculture class has been getting dirty in the garden! This week there was major soil cultivation going on as well as planting. Students in 9-11th grades planted squash, various varieties of tomatoes, habanero peppers, banana peppers, peas, bush beans, and cucumbers. Students also collected fish data. Students are testing, over the course of the school year, whether or not fish grow faster when in an aquaponics system (fish and plants growing in the same tank).

Dirt 1993xe

At this time, there is not data that supports an aquaponic system increasing fish growth rates. Blue gill fish are the fish chosen for the experiment for their hardiness and "eat-ability." At the end of the project, when fish reach harvest-able size, the students will catch and clean the fish with the intentions of donating the meat to the food pantry.​
Dirty 1219xe
Dirty 3891xe




AgriSci 13875xe

Putting the "science" in Agriscience
by FFA Correspondents
31 January 2017
AgriSci 6637xe
Students in the high school agriculture class have been doing some “mad science” in class recently. Students are learning about soils and how they relate to crop productivity. For three days students have been doing various experiments with soil to determine the chemical composition of various soils

AgriSci 7942xe

Students have been testing things such as water content, organic matter, pH (also known as acidity), carbonates, nitrates, phosphates, and for about 10 other things necessary for plant growth that are located in the soil. Students have been using proper PPE (personal protection equipment) and will be applying their soil knowledge to the ag gardens.
The gardens are maintained by the agriscience classes but are funded through the Cedar Key FFA Chapters. To date over 9000LBS of fresh produce has been donated to the local food pantry. Currently there are late spring producing strawberries, potatoes, onions, and kohlrabi in the ground. Within the next two weeks peppers, turnips, cucumbers, squash, and collards will make their way to our gardens.

  06 FEBRUARY 2017


TeddyBears 01xe
Teddy Bears for Sale!
Amanda Robinson & Terra Dun, Shark Correspondents
This Valentine’s Day, the Cedar Key School’s Sr. Beta Club will be selling teddy bears for $2 each. You can purchase them from a club member or in the CKS front office.
The teddy bears are a great gift for your best friend, significant other, a teacher, a parent, even your pet! With the profit made the Sr. Beta can fund many community projects. So get out there and buy a teddy bear!
IceCreamSign 02xe
By: Skylar Wirth, Shark Correspondent
          Beginning next week the lunchroom is going to be providing ice cream products for the students at Cedar Key School. The ice cream is going to be available to high school all week. Elementary and middle school will be able to buy it only on Wednesdays.
         There are around 20 different kinds of ice cream that the students can choose from. The prices range from $0.50 to $1.50 per item. The school has decided to start offering ice cream in order to give the student a sweet snack while they are at school while still giving them a healthy alternative.

20 JANUARY 2017
FFA9924 xce
So far throughout the course of the school year the Cedar Key Agriculture Department has gone through quite a few ups and downs. At the beginning of the school year the 6th grade class started their garden with various types of lettuce, cabbage, greens, and turnips. Throughout their 18 week Intro to Agriculture course, the garden had to be reseeded many times as students learned to recognize the difference between their crop spouts and weed sprouts.


 Before the holiday break the garden had produced 197 lbs total of produce that has been donated to the food pantry, with another 350 lbs from our high school turnip plot. Yesterday was the last reaping of the middle school garden, now taken over by 27 seventh and eighth grade students.


On 1/19/17 a total of 85 lbs was taken to the food pantry for donation. The total for this school year so far is 632 lbs! While these numbers are smaller than in years past, they are still incredibly helpful to residents of Cedar Key.
FFA6293 xe
The FFA and agriculture program hopes to get it's green house running again and two of the fallow gardens (due to lack of soil) thriving again. 












GrnHse 01xe

 By Grace Cowart and Jayden Cannon
 20 January 2017
Cedar Key FFA began working on the renovation of our greenhouse this week. The greenhouse has been inoperable for the past two years due to a broken cooling system and tears in the siding. We have attempted growing in it as it sits, but it easily gets too hot, even on cool days.
GrnHse 02xe
We are planning on planting tomatoes and peppers inside the greenhouse and growing flowers around the perimeter to support local pollinators such as native bees, butterflies, and other insects.
We also hope to install grow lights next year and to be able to extend the growing day of the plants we are raising. The FFA needs help from the community to finish this project as well. While we have been able to order new plastic siding and a cooling system we have come up short on the lumber and soil needed to make our greenhouse complete. 
We are in need of lumber and soil donations, which can be dropped off at the school. The type of lumber we are looking for is pressure treated 2x6’s.
GrnHse 03xe
This is our 10th year of being an FFA chapter and throughout our ten years we have donated 9,000 lbs. of food and are hoping to increase production with this project as well as support local pollinators that are looking for a food source before our crops flower.
   If anyone would like more information on our project please contact:
   Senior FFA President Grace Cowart at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or
   Senior FFA Reporter Jayden Cannon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  16 JANUARY 2017















Photo and story by Terra Dunn, Shark Correspondent
WaterVentures is a local, interactive, and mobile, science lab that travels throughout Florida, and for the first time visited Cedar Key School today. The WaterVenture itself is a 53-foot tractor-trailer that has been transformed into an all-out learning lab. It was designed by a team from Crystal Springs Foundation, Inc.
Kira Huber of Waterentures explained that the mobile lab, which is pulled by a semi truck, travels all over the state of Florida. Huber said the goal of the visit to Cedar Key was to teach elementary school students about water conservation, Florida's freshwater resources, and recycling through hands-on activities. The visit to Cedar Key was similar to visits at other schools where the focus is on educating primarily fourth and fifth grade students, although younger students sometimes get involved.
You can learn more about WaterVentures, the foundation that supports it, and what it does at
During dress-up day for literacy week, Ms. Sue Penny and three students dressed up as characters from Pete the Cat, their favorite book. The students are, from left, first grader Carson Miller, kindergartener Bauer Solowski, and first grader Kayla Winfield.
“Literacy Week”
Kevin Mansingh, Shark Correspondent
Cedar Key School had a great time for literacy week, not only making sure the whole school is reading it made sure they had fun while doing it.
On Monday the entire school dropped everything and read for twenty minutes. The kids got a chance to read undisturbed for twenty minutes.
A big thank you to the guest readers that came on Tuesday especially to Anne Lindgren and Anne White Hodges the elementary student really enjoyed having the experience to have local authors read to them.
Word Day Thursday was an activity for the whole school where every student got the chance to choose a word and put it on a sign they decorated which they wore all day, plus elementary got to “Read at the Beach” in the library where they sat on beach towels and read books while getting some sweet looking tans.
Friday had students dressed up as a character from a book they read making their fantasy heros come to life.
It was a great week for the students and the teachers to really get into their books and have fun.
Progress Reports
Shark staff report
Progress reports will be sent home on Friday, February 3. These reports are issued about half-way through each nine week grading period so that families can check on the progress their student is making. The reports are also a way for the students to evaluate how they are doing while they still have time to improve their grades before the end of the grading period on March 10.

  16 JANUARY 2017

Slemp FireDrill xe

Emergency Evacuation
Shark Staff Report
Cedar Key School’s students and staff did well during the recent emergency evacuation drill.
The drill was held Friday, January 20th shortly after the last lunch period. Levy County Sheriff’s Deputy Grant Sandlin said the drill went well. According to Deputy Sandlin’s calculations, about 8 minutes elapsed from the time the school was notified that the students needed to evacuate until Principal Josh Slemp had determined that all of the students, faculty and staff had safely evacuated to the outdoor amphitheater adjacent to the elementary school building.
The school does not get advance notice about these drills, but is expected to be ready to participate in them at any moment, which is how emergencies actually happen - without warning.
CKS Principal Josh Slemp escorted students back toward school
following a successful emergency evacuation drill.
Photo by Holly Bishop, Cedar Key School Journalism Staff 
SharkNews23jan HonorRoll xc


K Reps 0157xe

January 21, 2017
The Cedar Key School Homecoming Parade, a ritual here in town involves the community as part of the parade.  Indeed, the town responded.  Bicycles, tricycles, bicycles, trucks, fire engines, and more vehicles on wheels took part in the January 12, 2017 event.   Photographs compliments of Joe Hand.








 . . . . MORE PIX - CKN
Josh Shark 0067xe
Airbot 0069xe
BikeGirl 0171xe

4H 0240xe


Savannah 0057xe




BBall 0051xeAbby BBall 0152xe 



GreatShark 0279xeEmileSmith 0111xe


Horse 4H 0237xe

89Bball 0346xe


JVGirls 0194xeNiyaJOnes 0146xe


MidCheer 0295xeMaryEllen 0181xe

SafetyPatrol 0166xe

MidCheer 0296xe












SharkCart 0205xe






  16 JANUARY 2017


Kevin Mansingh, Shark Correspondent
There was a great homecoming at Cedar Key School this year with loads of fun, excitement, and suspense.      
The entire city enjoyed the Thursday afternoon parade.  The more than 30 units in the parade showed off the school’s clubs, sport teams and class representatives as well as some of the communities organizations. It seemed like every parade entry had candy, beads, or some other item to toss to the crowds along Dock Street. 
HC KingQueen xp  Following years of tradition, every member of the senior class was included in the homecoming court and invited to ride in the parade. Also riding in the parade this year were class representatives including: 9th grade representatives Michael Smith and Niya Jones; 10th grade representatives Kevin Mansingh and Hannah Brinkman; 11th grade representatives Grayson Yearty and Whitney O’Neal; and kindergarten representatives - and cousins - Courtney McCain and Malcolm McCain.


  09 JANUARY 2017
Why haven't I been harassed by CKS journalism?
Heather Sikes; Shark Correspondent
Has anyone recently wandered “Why hasn't Cedar Key School Journalism harassed us for yearbook ad sales this year?” It's not our fault. We really did try to harass you but Hermine is to blame and she had help; help from the post office that is.
Four months and still counting from the time Hurricane Hermine hit Cedar Key, FL.  The post office closed Thursday September 1st and still has not reopened. Cedar Key residents have been getting their mail out of a truck for the last four months and while it may be convenient for some, the majority of the population has jobs to attend to that doesn’t fit with the limited hours of the mail truck: 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Saturday. Most people have jobs that start either at or before 9 and seeing as a normal shift is approximately 8 hours, how is that do-able?
It's pretty ironic that places like the Jiffy right next door to the post office is open and the two buildings are owned by the same person.
But, have no fear, you can still give us your money.
If you are interested in buying an ad for the yearbook, visit the school, call the school, e-mail us, or visit our website.
E-mail Jesse Crawford at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Heather Sikes at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Visit our website at:
Call Cedar Key School:(352) 543-5223
Thank you for your continued support of the CKS yearbook.

Homecoming is happening now
Terra Dunn; Shark Correspondent
Homecoming is underway this week at Cedar Key School and there is still time to participate as the Sharks gear up to face the Branford Buccaneers.
On Thursday, at 4 p.m. the annual parade will wind its way through town, followed by a bonfire at 6 p.m. outside the gym.
On Friday, the cheerleaders will host a pep rally at 1 p.m. Then the games begin at 3:30 with the middle school girls, followed by the middle school boys at 4:30 p.m. and then the varsity girls game at 5:30 p.m. The festivities will wrap up with the coronation of the 2017 Homecoming King and Queen and the boys basketball game.

January 4, 2017

The Cedar Key Seafood Festival is an annual event in Levy County that brings over 200 arts and crafts exhibits to the island, together with multiple seafood booths in the city park, as well as booths from local organizations, live music, a parade, and beautiful weather. This year was no exception, despite Hurricane Matthew devastating Cedar Key only weeks before. Residents pulled together and maintained the Seafood Festival tradition with a renewed vigor and expression of love for their community during the weekend festivities.


The Tobacco Free Partnership of Levy County set up a community booth in the city park, which is where the hub of activity is for the festival. Lining the park are seafood vendors, selling delicious fried seafood from the area, as well as delicious desserts, smoothies, and steamed corn-on-the-cob. Visitors gather their tasty seafood dishes and sit on the lawn or at picnic tables, where they enjoy the sounds of live music and children playing on the adjacent playground while they watch the waves crash on the small beach.

The Tobacco Free Partnership and SWAT have participated in this event for many years, and this is the second year that the festival has been designated as tobacco free, with two designated tobacco use areas for the artists and visitors that are away from the crowds. Several families that attended the festival expressed that they are happy that it is so family-friendly, and many of the adults that stopped at the tobacco prevention booth were supportive of the tobacco free festival policy. Many people that stopped by the booth were interested in seeking resources for loved ones to encourage them to quit.

December 22, 2016

Cedar key School is in need of a group facilitator for its AVID program.

AVID is an acronym for Advancement via Individual Determination. It is offered at both middle and high school levels.  Its purpose is to prepare students for college and careers by increasing skills in critical reading, writing, organization, inquiry, and collaboration.  One of the ways this is done is through an inquiry-based tutorial process, where students learn to question what they know and what they don't understand.

The AVID group facilitator would work twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 1:00 pm -3:00 pm, and would work with both middle and high school students in small groups.

To apply, log onto the Levy County School Board website and apply online.  Do wait until January 1, however, as the application process is undergoing change.  Questions may be emailed to Carrie Tomlin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The requirement for the position is to have attended college. A college degree is preferred but is not a requirement.




December 19, 2016
Cedar Key will be hosting its 2nd consecutive holiday tournament this year on December 21st and 22nd.  This year we are excited to have Drummond Bank as the exclusive sponsor of the event. Drummond- has provided tremendous support for the tournament this year.DEC 19 CKS IMG 20161212 152416627
The four teams participating on the boys’ side of the draw are: Trenton, Oak Hall, FSUS (Tallahassee), and Cedar Key.   Trenton plays Oak Hall at 4:30 and Cedar Key hosts FSUS at 7:30 on the 21st.  The winners will play the following day for the championship and the consolation game will be played at 4:30.
On the girls’ side of the tournament play opens at 3:00 on the 21st with Branford facing Parry McCluer (Virginia).  Parry McCluer is a 1À school in the mountains of Virginia and where Cedar Key coach David Tomlin graduated high school.  In the second girls’ game your hometown Lady Sharks take on Fort White at 6:00.  The winners play at 6:00 on the
22nd with the consolation game at 3:00.
A two-day wrist band will be available at the door for $10; that covers all 8 games.  Concessions will also be open for this event.
Come out and support your Sharks
at the Drummond- Bank-CKS Sharks
Beach Ball Tournament


AshlynAllen 0338xe
CKHS Senior Signs Letter of Intent with
St. Petersburg College
15 December 2016
         Ashlyn Allen with family and coaches
Cedar Key High School Senior Ashlyn Allen signed a letter of intent with St. Petersburg College to attend classes and play softball for the next two years, in the presence of fellow students, classmates, faculty, staff and family on Thursday, Dec. 15, 2016.  Also, present in the packed auditorium were Allen’s Travel Ball Coach Chrissy Dushane, Coach Bree Myers of SPC and Levy County School Superintendent Jeff Edison. Mr. Edison encouraged students in attendance to follow their dream. He also noted that it isn’t necessary to look elsewhere for ‘greener grass’, adding that Ashlyn accomplished her goal by staying in Cedar Key School.
Following the signing, those in attendance were encouraged to greet and congratulate Ashlyn for her accomplishments.
Ashlyn has been a student at Cedar Key School since Pre-K and will graduate this year having maintained a 3.7 GPA while attending classes in Ocala, CKHS, practicing and playing Travel Softball almost every weekend (sometimes as far away as Lakeland). When asked how long she’d been playing softball, she replied with a captivating smile, “For as long as I can remember. I love softball. It is and has always been my passion.”
Recognizing Ashlyn’s ‘love’ and desire for the game while playing High School softball her parents Jimmy and Cheryl Allen contacted several Travel Softball teams who were searching for players willing to work hard and were committed to a future on the diamond. Since that time, she’s been picked up by numerous teams.
 Ashlyn Brook 0305xe
Ashlyn and sister Brooke, a recent CKS graduate
Ashlyn played High School Softball for five years and Travel ball for the past seven years. She has developed a pitching style that college coaches look for in a player. She has also played different positions when necessary or required by her coaches. Most recently Allen has played for Coach Chrissy Dushane of the Guardians Travel Ball team. Coach Dushane stated that Ashlyn met her expectations and was not afraid of hard work or commitment. Coach Bree Meyers said she looked forward to working with Allen welcoming her on the clay with the St. Petersburg Titans.
Congratulations Ashlyn Allen, we wish you success as you follow your dream. Go Titans!
Ashlyn’s stats for this travel ball season are;
   Batting average 402
   On base %: .521
   RBIs: 10
   Pitching: 30 Strike outs
   Fielding: 10 Put Outs
   5 Assists
   Fielding %: .900                                                                                                                                

CKS Students Assist and Learn
at Community Garden
 14 December 2016
CKS ComGrdn 0142xe
Tom Deverin, with assistance from gardeners Alban, Joe, Pat, Sally, Frank, and Jeri, showed the Agriculture classes from Cedar Key Middle and High School the do’s and don’ts of gardening. About 30 students were ready with paper and pencil to take notes. Tom asked the students what is the most obvious thing they observe about the garden.  They responded “The raised bed.s.” Tom’s response, “Right! Because most of us gardeners here are old!"
CKS ComGrdn 0151xe
 CKS Grdn 0153xe
Tom began the discussion by telling the students three things are necessary for plants to grow: sunlight, water, and nutrients. Plants tell you stuff by looking at them, such as: planting to close will prevent them from growing properly, and wilting may mean to much or not enough water.
Teacher Rachel Weatherington asked for info about: overwatering versu under watering; use of fertilizer;  weed recognition.  Watering is most critical when seeds are first planted and when the plant makes fruit.   There are two types of Fertilizers: organic and chemical.  Organic fertilizers are preferable for many reasons.  
CKS ComGrdn 0164xe
Tom’s definition of a weed is a plant that has grown in the wrong place.  It may be a perfectly nice plant, but pull it out if you did not plant it there!
The students then harvested the communal garden.  They were shown the proper way to dig up young plants and to replant spacing them far enough apart to allow enough room for growth. 
 The afternoon ended with samplings of salad and cookies brought by Sally Beveridge.  The sage-scented shortbread included sage grown in the garden. The salad included kale and parsley grown in Sally’s garden.  Both were a huge hit with the students.  Many wanted the recipes!   



  12 DECEMBER 2016
Pete Stefani, Shark correspondent

The end of the semester is here and so winter break is coming up!

Exams are coming up! Exams will take place on the 16th, 19th, and the 20th of December.  All days that exams take place will be early release days and you can check out with a note from your parents when you’re finished.

After the last exam takes place on December 20th winter break will start, school resumes January 4th.

Even though school will be out due to winter break there will still be a basketball tournament on the 21st and 22nd of December at Cedar Key against Florida High, Oak Hall and Trenton at 4:30.

By Natalie Stewart, Shark Correspondent

DEC 3 SHARKS PICThe Middle school boys and girls and the Varsity boys and girls all played their first home game to together on Monday December 5th. Both the boys and girls middle school teams are coached by Joe Bishop. The girls began their game against Trenton at 3:30 and they played very well together, the new 6th graders that recently entered middle school fit right in on the court, Although they lost, they played with enthusiasm and strength with their final score being 43 to 5 .

The Middle school boys played directly after them at 4:30. That is when things started to heat up. They were neck and neck the entire night but, the Trenton Tigers pulled ahead in the end. Their final score was 26 to 20. The starters for the night were Tristan Sloan, Brandon Bowling, John Pelham, Ty Winfield, and Alexander Topping.

Later on that night at 5:30 the Varsity girls played the Lady Tigers. They were lead by coaches Carrie and David Tomlin. This year is CKS Senior Savannah Howard’s last year playing basketball. The ending score for the Varsity girls was 59 to 11.





Come out and enjoy a full day of basketball beginning at 9:00 am when your SHARKS take on Dunnellon Christian in the first game of our double elimination tournament.  Games will be ongoing throughout the afternoon with the championship game scheduled to begin 3:15. Admission for the entire day is $5 and concessions will be available.





  05 DECEMBER 2016
Terra Dunn, Kevin Mansingh, Shark Correspondent
On Monday, the Sharks joined the Cedar Key cheerleaders in the gym for the first pep rally of the year.
During this pep rally, the middle school won the spirit stick for their cheering volume while expressing their Shark pride. Teachers and staff participated in a game called “The Hungry, Hungry Shark,” similar to the board game Hungry, Hungry Hippos. The game concluded with a strong win by the elementary representatives, Mrs. Jessica Sloan and Mr. Tevin Mills. Then the cheerleaders showed off some of their routines for this year.
The pep rally was followed by an afternoon and evening of basketball, beginning with the middle school girls and boys games followed by the varsity boys and girls teams.



December 2, 2016


The Lady Sharks won their home opener in convincing fashion.  After a sluggish first half, the Sharks outscored their opponents 25-6 in the second half.  Rylee Smith opened the second  half with a tip-in and the Sharks played suffocating defense followed by unselfish offense to put the game away. 

The Sharks were led in scoring and rebounding by Emilie Lavoie who scored 11 points while gathering nine rebounds.  The girls were buoyed by a boisterous home crowd; thanks for coming out!

The Sharks return to the court for a home game on Thursday against district rival Chiefland.  The girls play at 5:30 pm followed by the boys at 7:00 pm. 

Come out and support your SHARKS!




  28 NOVEMBER 2016

 Jacob Solano: Gone, but Never Forgotten

Terra Dunn & Amanda Robinson,
Shark Correspondents

ArtWork4Solano xe

  Some of the art created by the Cedar Key School Class of 2017
and other high school students as their mourned the accidental death of Jacob Solano.
(Photo by Kevin Mansingh)
Jacob Bartola Solano died tragically on November 23rd, 2016, leaving family, friends, and Cedar Key School in shock.
Jacob was one of 10 seniors at Cedar Key High School this year and one of only 3 boys in the class of 2017. He first enrolled at CKS as a pre-K student. To help the tight-knit class cope with the sudden loss of a classmate, a crisis team met with the students Monday morning, on the first day back to school since Jacob’s accident. The students talked, wrote down their feelings and memories, and created posters for the Solano family.
Jacob always radiated the halls with his contagious smile and laughter, touching the hearts of every student he came across. His absence will be greatly missed, which was shown Monday at school with banners made by high school students.
Jacob may be gone, but he’ll never be forgotten.
CKS MS Fall Sports Starts
Terra Dunn and Amanda Robinson,
Shark Correspondents

CKS MidSchChrldrs xe
 Kaitlyn Tindall, center, and the rest of the CKS Middle School Cheerleaders
get ready to cheer for the Sharks for the first game!
The Middle School Girls and Boys Basketball Teams opened their seasons this past Monday with road games in Trenton. Both basketball teams (which are coached by Joe Bishop) and the cheerleaders (coached by Malinda Roland) have been practicing for weeks to prepare for the season.
The next four home games for our middle school Sharks are the 5th, 10th, 13th, and 21st of December.
The school’s annual Pep Rally will be orchestrated by the cheerleaders on Monday, December 5th, during the sixth period of the school day. That afternoon all four of the CKS teams will take on the Trenton Tigers in Cedar Key, beginning with the middle school girls at 3:30 pm, the middle school boys at 4:30 pm, varsity girls at 5:30 pm and the varsity boys at 7 pm.





November 25, 2016

The Cedar Key Lady Sharks opened their regular season with back to back away games.   In their opening game, the Sharks fell behind early to St. Francis and came back to take the lead briefly near the end of the game.  Unfortunately, they came up just short at the buzzer.  The next night the Sharks took on 5A Taylor County at the Bulldogs home gym.  After a tough opening half, the Lady Sharks dominated the third period and went on to win a close game against Taylor County.

The Lady Sharks are off this week and resume play at Trenton on Monday.  Come out on Tuesday, November 29, to support the boys and girls teams as they take on district rival Bell High School.  The girls play at 5:30 and boys game starts after the girls game. 

Come support our Sharks!




  21 NOVEMBER 2016
Wear Purple and Gold and Get Ready to Cheer
Students will be cheering on all four Cedar Key School Basketball teams when classes resume Monday (November 28).The cheerleaders have planned a pep rally at 1 p.m. so students can cheer on the boys and girls middle school and varsity basketball teams as the high school season begins. Students are encouraging to wear their purple and gold Monday to show their school spirit.

Cedar Key School Science Achievements
Heather Sikes: Shark Correspondent
The entirety of Cedar Key School and the community of Cedar Key will be proud to hear that the CKS State Science Tests (FSA, EOC) rank in the top 9% of all Title I schools. A Title I school is a school with a high number of children belonging to low income families. Florida has 1759 Title I schools and Cedar Key is ranked 158.
Why is it that CKS is ranked so high? An amazing Science Department, that is why. Thanks to Tevin Mills (5th grade Science), Rachel Wetherington (6th and 7th grade Science) and Raymond Powers (8th-12th grade science,) 63% of all science test taken at CKS, are passed with at least adequate, and often, above average scores.
When asked how he felt about all of this news Mr. Powers said, “I am proud of our Cedar Key students and the teachers who work so hard to help them achieve. Our science scores have been rising steadily over the last few years and are usually the best in the county and above the state averages.”
The new principal of Cedar Key, Mr. Joshua Slemp, said he is also proud to work in such a great school with such bright students. “It shows a history of academic excellence at Cedar Key School,” Slemp said. 

Beta21nov xe
Jr. Beta Inauguration
Terra Dunn and Amanda Robinson, Shark Correspondents
Left to right: Kendall Bailey, Tori Fisher, Natalie Stewart, Rylee Smith, Connor Slemp, Bria Hinkle, Alexis Crum, Caden Mann, Lexi Epperson. (Photo by Kelli Quinn)
            On Thursday, November 17th, the Cedar Key School Junior Beta held it’s annual Beta Inauguration for new members. During the event, Beta officers and new members read scripts and the Beta oath in front of their family members and friends before enjoying some refreshments.
          In her comments to the group, Mrs. Kim Bishop, the Jr. Beta advisor, encouraged the new members. Jr. Beta President, Natalie Stewart, said the ceremony was, “An incredibly uplifting and exciting event!”
Students must attain a GPA (grade point average) of 3.5 to be invited to join the honor society and then must maintain a 3.2 GPA to remain a member. Future endeavors for the club include a Jr. Beta Formal, Teacher Appreciation Week, and two service projects.







 GirlsBBall 1stWin xe

Cedar Key Lady Sharks beat Hawthorne High School on Thursday night at the Bronson Preseason Tournament.  The Sharks used tough defense to defeat Hawthorne on a night when their shots weren't falling.  Jasmin Jackson hit two free throws with 11 seconds to seal the win for Cedar Key.  This is a great win for the girls to open the preseason. 

They have two away games this week to open the regular season, Thursday at St. Francis and Friday at Taylor County.  The first home game will be Tuesday, November 29 against district foe Bell at 5:30 with the boys to follow at 7:00. 
Come out and support the Sharks!






   2016-2017  Cedar Key Sharks Basketball Schedule
  Middle School boys & girls and Varsity boys & girls
 SharkBbllSched2016 001




  14 NOVEMBER 2016
 Hi Q 14nov xe  
Cedar Key School’s Hi-Q team had a terrific showing during their recent competition in Bronson.
Team coach Mr. Raymond has a few last minute pointers for team members.
From left; Trey Stanfield, River Wirth, Grace Cowart, and Sam Parks.
Cedar Key Vs. Bronson High-Q
Kevin Mansingh; Shark correspondent
The Cedar Key JV High-Q team had a smashing victory over Bronson this past week.
Some of the team members said they were a little nervous because Hi-Q was new for them, but they said they did what they could and gave it their all. “It was pretty intense,” said team member River Wirth.
“All I could think about was what the next question would be, and if I knew the answer.” 
Although the JV team won, they strive to get even better for their next match with the help of Mr.Powers against Dixie County on the 15th.
Go Sharks!


Ed First Logo

Travel Club: Germany, Switzerland, Italy
Amanda Robinson & Terra Dunn; Shark Correspondent
Germany, and Switzerland, and Italy, Oh My!
This year the Educational Tours program has presented the perfect opportunity to allow students from Cedar Key School to travel on the European continent for ten days. Of course, with this opportunity comes requirements. Students selected to participate had to have a high GPA and be nominated by Beta. As described on the EF Tour’s website, “Students take a multi-city lap around the Alps for a comprehensive understanding of the region's people and traditions.”
Participating students and chaperones have been holding meetings to further understand and prepare for the life-changing trip. Mrs. Kim Bishop, the sponsor for Cedar Key, has diligently been working and getting things lined up for the trip in June. Fundraisers are being held, including at the fall seafood and spring arts festival.
The largest fundraiser is being conducted fees must be paid in February. This fundraiser is the CKS Legacy Squares. The Legacy Squares are plastic diamonds constructed to fit the chain link fence in the front of the school. Different sizes are available and they can be customized. Eventually, the squares will be formatted to create a wave dimension to compliment the memorial shark statue for D.J. Emanuel.
For more information on the trip, or about sponsoring a student, contact Kim Bishop at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DebDye BkCvr xe
Cedar Key Spirit Tour: A Walk through History
(book review)
By: Annie McCain; Shark Correspondent
The book is narrated by the author, Debra Lyon-Dye, in first person point of view, She is a very reliable source, considering that she has lived in Cedar Key full time since the mid-1980’s and taught at Cedar Key School.  
The book makes you feel as if you are actually being taken on a tour of Cedar Key and the author is your tour guide. It is full of information and stories, (a must read for history buffs everywhere!)
I liked this book, because I like history as well ghost stories, and it has some of both.  I would read more by this author because she has a very unique way of laying out her books/stories, which I love. I would encourage other people to read this book.

BsktBall Logo
High school boys basketball tryouts
By John Pelham; Shark Correspondent
The 2016-2017 Cedar Key School boys varsity basketball team was recently selected following several afternoons of tryouts. 
This year’s try-outs were conducted by Coach Vance Dickey, who is in his first season with the Sharks, but brings 23 years of head coaching experience from central Florida high schools. The coach conducted the try-outs similarly to a regular basketball practices with the players performing drills, doing some set-ups, and also participating in conditioning.
The boys who made the team are as follows: juniors  Levi Collins, Terrance Doty, Austin Minehart, and Devin Stottlemyre; sophomores Kris Burns, Trace Epperson, Isaiah Jones, and Joey Stewart; and freshmen  Dillan Allen, John Boyle, Michele DiBari, Wade Gore, Michael Smith, and Gibbs Yearty.
This year’s home opener for the Sharks will be played Tuesday, Nov. 29 at 7 p.m., following the varsity girls game at 5:30 p.m.

Pie Logo




Get your fork and your wallet ready - it’s pie time!

The annual junior class pie auction will be held Nov. 22, giving bidders an opportunity to take home some delicious home baked goodies for Thanksgiving.

The junior class has been holding the auction the week of Thanksgiving for many years, and it’s always been a win-win situation. Community members are able to enjoy some of the finest baking done all year while the junior class gets to use the proceeds to help pay for prom and other upcoming expenses as they prepare to complete their public education.

This year the Doug Bishop Auditorium at Cedar Key School will open for a preview at 5:30 p.m. Then at 6 p.m., auctioneer Daniel Jerrels will begin selling the treats to the highest bidder.

Anyone who would like to make a baked contribution to the auction is welcome to drop them off at the auditorium between 4 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Nov. 22. 


November 8, 2016













Fall Festival at Cedar Key School brought out the youngsters, their parents, and the oldsters in support of their school.  

Visitors feasted upon mullet dinners, hamburgers and fries, and more.  

Every game and activity possible was operating on the field at the school:  hair coloring and sparkling; the Travel Club, aiming for Europe at year’s end selling personalized tiles for a future mosaic; a bouncehouce delighted the little ones; water balloon tossing; and more.
































  07 NOVEMBER 2016
FallFest SharkNews xe






Fall Festival Recap

By: Amanda Robinson & Terra Dunn,
Shark Correspondents
FBLS and Marine Science booth selling food at CKS Fall Festival
Photo by: Pete Stafani
Last Friday's CKS Fall Festival was one for the books. Cedar Key School indulged in past festivities, while adding some new favorites. The addition of the Travel Club’s Legacy Squares, and Mrs. Jessica Sloan’s French Fries brought more excitement to the festival.
Freshman Michele Di Bari said, “The Fall Festival is great for the community. It brings everyone together, including if you're new to Cedar Key. It just gets better and better every year!”
Thank you to everyone who came out and made it one to remember!
Lubee Bat Conservancy Field Trip" 
By: Annie McCain, Shark Correspondent

Bats SharkNews xe






The fourth grade class at CKS recently took a field trip to the Lubee Bat Conservancy in Gainesville. While there, the students learned a lot about bats.
For instance, Dana Hinkle learned that the smallest bat at the conservancy can fit on the human thumbnail, and the biggest one has a wingspan of up to 6 feet.
Mrs. Jessica Sloan learned that bats can eat a whopping 1,000 mosquitoes per minute. “I need a bat house!” she exclaimed.
Kaylynn Funk learned that “Two boy bats will fight.” In  addition, she learned that their bones are not hollow like birds.
Raechel Brinkman learned that mother bats hold their babies under their wings for the first four months after they are born” 
Varsity Girles Basketball
Pete Stefani: Shark Correspondent

Girls basketball starts soon! Their first game was in Bronson on Tuesday. Several players are new to our varsity girls’ team such as McKenzie Ramont, Rylee Smith, Desiree Barshay, Cassie Lozier and Niya Jones. Overall this year Cedar Key High School has seven returning players and four new players. We hope to see you at our games and go Sharks!


 StemLogo SharkNews xe
Be STEM-Terrific!!!
Kevin Mansingh: Shark Correspondent
Put those thinking caps on because the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) club has just joined Cedar Key High School with Ms. Holly Mills as the adviser.
What is STEM? It’s a program for any student who likes a little challenge in their life or they like to be creative. STEM helps kids to learn about important skills that can really help especially in this modern world of ours. STEM can help students to gain skills that can get them a job in any of the four subjects Science, Technology,
Engineering, or Math. The program is a hands-on learning experience that can help kids to become more creative, better thinkers, and progressive people.
If you think you need a push intellectually STEM is for you remember Explore, Discover, Take Risk, Make Mistakes, Improve and Never Give Up!


Cheerleaders SharkNews xe

Cedar Key High school cheerleaders showing their Shark pride during the recent Seafood Festival Parade.
By:Skylar Wirth; Shark Correspondent
The Cedar Key School cheerleaders are striving to get as many practices in as possible before the basketball season begins. This year those practices are more important than ever because the Sharks have decided to start doing cheer stunts.
This year the Sharks have lots of J.V. cheerleaders - 16 -  a full squad of varsity cheerleaders, along with head coach Mrs. Malinda Rowland who is getting lots of volunteer help from CKS alumni cheerleaders Alora Beckham and Jessi Robinson. Rowland said she decided to add stunts to the cheerleaders’ repertoire this year, “Because the girls wanted to and it shows the girls’ athletic abilities more than just sitting on the bench. It also gets the crowd more excited.”
Mrs.Rowland also said she likes watching the cheerleaders develop from students who say they can’t do something to succeeding at a skill.
The 2016-2017 varsity cheer team includes; Whitney Neal (Captain), Kelly Quinn (Co-Captain), Alexa Stottlemyre, Amanda Robinson, Alyssa Anderson, Cassie Lozier, Cierra Hembree, and Kayla Beckham.
The JV team is made up of the following middle school students; Skylar Wirth, Jadyn Beckham,Lexi Epperson, Alexis Lipscomb, Allie Brown, Mackenna Stottlemyre, Haiden Simpson, Taylor West, Annie McCain, Megan McCain, Kaitlyn Tindall, Anna Lavoie-Ingram, Samantha Vibbard, Gwen Zeigler, and Laura Jones.


 PTO T-Shirts
By: Natalie Stewart; Shark Correspondent

T Shirts SharkNews xe

This year the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) is selling t-shirts as a fundraiser. The designs on the dark gray shirts include a purple shark coming up out of the water with the phrase “Love Purple Live Gold.” The adult shirts are $20 and the sizes available are small, medium, large, extra-large, and XXL. The PTO also has   youth sizes, which come in small, medium, and large.
The proceeds from shirt sales will go to the school to help pay for things that the students and staff may need throughout the school year.
The T-shirts are on sale in the front office and will also be available at home basketball games.







  31 OCTOBER 2016

Fall Festival Preview
By: Natalie Stewart; Shark Correspondent
FallFest 01
Every year, there is an annual fall festival put on by the staff and students at Cedar Key School. The Festival is planned out and primarily run by the PTO. (Parent Teacher Organization) The purpose of this event is to raise money for the school and clubs to put towards educational resources. Even though this festival is not as large as the Seafood or Arts Festivals downtown. it is a fun-raiser and a fundraiser.
Each club, organization, and class opens a booth to represent them. Some of the activities at the festival include, fingerprints, pictures, buttons, touch tank, a basket raffle, turkey tickets and some Cedar Key school spirit t-shirts sold by PTO. The games at the festival this year are the cakewalk, softball toss, king kong toss, the duck pond, water balloon toss, a ring toss, a bounce house, basketball shoot, and the dart throw. Which are all purchased with tickets.
This year’s Fall Festival is taking place on Friday, November 4th. It will begin at 5:00 p.m and goes until 8:00 p.m. It is going to be held out in the field in front of the gym. In the  recent years the Fall Festival has been very productive for the school with the help of volunteers. Some organizations that have volunteered in previous years are the Garden Club, the Lions Club, The police and fire departments, and the Methodist Church. If you would like to help out this year contact the school at 543-5223 for details.
They will provide multiple food options for you and your entire family to enjoy. The food provided will be the sweet shop run by the middle school, hot dogs and chili, chowder, french fries, hamburgers and chips, and a fish dinner, with water and soda for refreshments. The food at the festival can be bought with tickets or money. Once the fall festival ends at 8 p.m., middle and high school students can attend a dance being held in the auditorium until 10 p.m. at a cost of $5 per person.
Come enjoy the CKS 2016 Fall Festival!
Cedar Key School's Hi-Q Team
Is on a roll at the start of this season
Heather Sikes; Shark Correspondent
31 October 2016 

HiQ oct2016 xe


CKS Junior Varsity Hi-Q team won the most recent match between Cedar Key and Trenton by nearly 100 points.

Trey Stanfield, Michele DiBari, Grace Cowart, and River Wirth used some serious brain power and blew the Trenton Tigers out of the water on this one. With a final score of 135 to 37, it’s safe to say 
the Sharks won by a landslide.
The entire team worked together as everyone did contribute to answering the questions and collaborating to figure out the bonus questions. It was incredibly impressive win for the new CKS Junior Varsity teams first game. Go Sharks!
Cedar Key School JV Hi-Q team, from left to right:
Trey Stanfield, Michele DiBari, Grace Cowart, and River Wirth    
Photo by: Heather Sikes 
“Pumpkin Patch”
Kevin Mansingh & Terra Dunn; Shark Correspondents
27 October 2016 

PumpkinPatch oct2016 xe


Ms. Patty Shewey’s first grade class was among those who enjoyed their time at the United Methodist Church’s annual Pumpkin Patch.
The United Methodist Church was at it again with its annual Pumpkin Patch, sponsored by the United Methodist Women. This is the 10th year that students have enjoyed a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch.
As in past year’s, one grade at a time made the walk from Cedar Key School to the church for a morning of fun. UMC Pastor Susie Horner said every student receives a free pumpkin and all donations go into the following year’s Pumpkin Patch. The event starts with fun pumpkin filled arts and crafts then proceeds to go into Pumpkin themed goodies like the Pumpkin teeth which one student thought looked oddly similar to candycorn. 








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