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  07 NOVEMBER 2016
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Fall Festival Recap

By: Amanda Robinson & Terra Dunn,
Shark Correspondents
FBLS and Marine Science booth selling food at CKS Fall Festival
Photo by: Pete Stafani
Last Friday's CKS Fall Festival was one for the books. Cedar Key School indulged in past festivities, while adding some new favorites. The addition of the Travel Club’s Legacy Squares, and Mrs. Jessica Sloan’s French Fries brought more excitement to the festival.
Freshman Michele Di Bari said, “The Fall Festival is great for the community. It brings everyone together, including if you're new to Cedar Key. It just gets better and better every year!”
Thank you to everyone who came out and made it one to remember!
Lubee Bat Conservancy Field Trip" 
By: Annie McCain, Shark Correspondent

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The fourth grade class at CKS recently took a field trip to the Lubee Bat Conservancy in Gainesville. While there, the students learned a lot about bats.
For instance, Dana Hinkle learned that the smallest bat at the conservancy can fit on the human thumbnail, and the biggest one has a wingspan of up to 6 feet.
Mrs. Jessica Sloan learned that bats can eat a whopping 1,000 mosquitoes per minute. “I need a bat house!” she exclaimed.
Kaylynn Funk learned that “Two boy bats will fight.” In  addition, she learned that their bones are not hollow like birds.
Raechel Brinkman learned that mother bats hold their babies under their wings for the first four months after they are born” 
Varsity Girles Basketball
Pete Stefani: Shark Correspondent

Girls basketball starts soon! Their first game was in Bronson on Tuesday. Several players are new to our varsity girls’ team such as McKenzie Ramont, Rylee Smith, Desiree Barshay, Cassie Lozier and Niya Jones. Overall this year Cedar Key High School has seven returning players and four new players. We hope to see you at our games and go Sharks!


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Be STEM-Terrific!!!
Kevin Mansingh: Shark Correspondent
Put those thinking caps on because the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) club has just joined Cedar Key High School with Ms. Holly Mills as the adviser.
What is STEM? It’s a program for any student who likes a little challenge in their life or they like to be creative. STEM helps kids to learn about important skills that can really help especially in this modern world of ours. STEM can help students to gain skills that can get them a job in any of the four subjects Science, Technology,
Engineering, or Math. The program is a hands-on learning experience that can help kids to become more creative, better thinkers, and progressive people.
If you think you need a push intellectually STEM is for you remember Explore, Discover, Take Risk, Make Mistakes, Improve and Never Give Up!


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Cedar Key High school cheerleaders showing their Shark pride during the recent Seafood Festival Parade.
By:Skylar Wirth; Shark Correspondent
The Cedar Key School cheerleaders are striving to get as many practices in as possible before the basketball season begins. This year those practices are more important than ever because the Sharks have decided to start doing cheer stunts.
This year the Sharks have lots of J.V. cheerleaders - 16 -  a full squad of varsity cheerleaders, along with head coach Mrs. Malinda Rowland who is getting lots of volunteer help from CKS alumni cheerleaders Alora Beckham and Jessi Robinson. Rowland said she decided to add stunts to the cheerleaders’ repertoire this year, “Because the girls wanted to and it shows the girls’ athletic abilities more than just sitting on the bench. It also gets the crowd more excited.”
Mrs.Rowland also said she likes watching the cheerleaders develop from students who say they can’t do something to succeeding at a skill.
The 2016-2017 varsity cheer team includes; Whitney Neal (Captain), Kelly Quinn (Co-Captain), Alexa Stottlemyre, Amanda Robinson, Alyssa Anderson, Cassie Lozier, Cierra Hembree, and Kayla Beckham.
The JV team is made up of the following middle school students; Skylar Wirth, Jadyn Beckham,Lexi Epperson, Alexis Lipscomb, Allie Brown, Mackenna Stottlemyre, Haiden Simpson, Taylor West, Annie McCain, Megan McCain, Kaitlyn Tindall, Anna Lavoie-Ingram, Samantha Vibbard, Gwen Zeigler, and Laura Jones.


 PTO T-Shirts
By: Natalie Stewart; Shark Correspondent

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This year the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) is selling t-shirts as a fundraiser. The designs on the dark gray shirts include a purple shark coming up out of the water with the phrase “Love Purple Live Gold.” The adult shirts are $20 and the sizes available are small, medium, large, extra-large, and XXL. The PTO also has   youth sizes, which come in small, medium, and large.
The proceeds from shirt sales will go to the school to help pay for things that the students and staff may need throughout the school year.
The T-shirts are on sale in the front office and will also be available at home basketball games.





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