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  21 NOVEMBER 2016
Wear Purple and Gold and Get Ready to Cheer
Students will be cheering on all four Cedar Key School Basketball teams when classes resume Monday (November 28).The cheerleaders have planned a pep rally at 1 p.m. so students can cheer on the boys and girls middle school and varsity basketball teams as the high school season begins. Students are encouraging to wear their purple and gold Monday to show their school spirit.

Cedar Key School Science Achievements
Heather Sikes: Shark Correspondent
The entirety of Cedar Key School and the community of Cedar Key will be proud to hear that the CKS State Science Tests (FSA, EOC) rank in the top 9% of all Title I schools. A Title I school is a school with a high number of children belonging to low income families. Florida has 1759 Title I schools and Cedar Key is ranked 158.
Why is it that CKS is ranked so high? An amazing Science Department, that is why. Thanks to Tevin Mills (5th grade Science), Rachel Wetherington (6th and 7th grade Science) and Raymond Powers (8th-12th grade science,) 63% of all science test taken at CKS, are passed with at least adequate, and often, above average scores.
When asked how he felt about all of this news Mr. Powers said, “I am proud of our Cedar Key students and the teachers who work so hard to help them achieve. Our science scores have been rising steadily over the last few years and are usually the best in the county and above the state averages.”
The new principal of Cedar Key, Mr. Joshua Slemp, said he is also proud to work in such a great school with such bright students. “It shows a history of academic excellence at Cedar Key School,” Slemp said. 

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Jr. Beta Inauguration
Terra Dunn and Amanda Robinson, Shark Correspondents
Left to right: Kendall Bailey, Tori Fisher, Natalie Stewart, Rylee Smith, Connor Slemp, Bria Hinkle, Alexis Crum, Caden Mann, Lexi Epperson. (Photo by Kelli Quinn)
            On Thursday, November 17th, the Cedar Key School Junior Beta held it’s annual Beta Inauguration for new members. During the event, Beta officers and new members read scripts and the Beta oath in front of their family members and friends before enjoying some refreshments.
          In her comments to the group, Mrs. Kim Bishop, the Jr. Beta advisor, encouraged the new members. Jr. Beta President, Natalie Stewart, said the ceremony was, “An incredibly uplifting and exciting event!”
Students must attain a GPA (grade point average) of 3.5 to be invited to join the honor society and then must maintain a 3.2 GPA to remain a member. Future endeavors for the club include a Jr. Beta Formal, Teacher Appreciation Week, and two service projects.


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Cedar Key School’s Hi-Q team had a terrific showing this year.
They finished their final match with a win over Dixie.
Cedar Key Vs. Dixie Hi-Q Final Match
By: Natalie Stewart, Shark correspondent
            The match between Cedar Key and Dixie on Tuesday, November 15th was the last match of the season and it was a very tight game for the JV team. The Sharks got 120 points and the Dixie team got 160 points. Trey Stanfield, Grace Cowart, Michele DiBari, River Wirth, and Sam Parks collaborated well and and even though they didn’t win this match they had a great season. A player on the JV Hi-Q team River Wirth said that “It was fun and super tense.” Which for many of these players couldn’t be more true.
          The Varsity Hi-Q team also had their final match of the season, Winning the match with 105 points compared to Dixie's 60 points. Lead by their Coach Raymond Powers, Heather Sikes, Alicia Neal, Whitney Neal, Tanner Wisdom, and Emilie Lavoie all did very well at this match. For many of the players this match was bittersweet because, this match was their last one for the school year. The Senior team captain on the Varsity Hi-Q team Heather Sikes Said that ”As my very last Hi-Q game it was great to go out with a bang. We had a great season. Our JV team is unstoppable, we beat Chiefland and Mr.Powers is the best. Good job Cedar Key, good job.”
          The Hi-Q season was a fun and tense ride for the students. They Played every match with pride and finished with a great ending to a great season.


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Cassie Lozier holds her pig to be put in the Fair


 School Mock Election Results
By: Natalie Stewart, Shark Correspondents


For the election this year, Cedar Key school recently put on a mock election. Grades 2nd-12th got to vote for one of the 6 candidates there were this year. A total of 197 people participated in the school wide election. The majority of the Students the attend Cedar Key school voted for the Republican party. A total of 151 students voted for Donald Trump, 32 students voted for Hillary Clinton, 9 students voted for Gary Johnson, And 5 students voted for Darrell Castle. These results were not exactly surprising because, of the support from Levy county for Donald Trump. 
      The reading teacher for Elementary School, Ms. Rachel Kidd said, “The mock election was very informative about the opinions of the students at Cedar Key School.” The Mock election was a success and helped allow the students to gain knowledge about how the political system works.


Ed First Logo

Travel Club: Germany, Switzerland, Italy
Amanda Robinson & Terra Dunn; Shark Correspondent


Germany, and Switzerland, and Italy, Oh My!
This year, the Educational Tours program has presented the perfect opportunity to allow students from Cedar Key School to travel countries in the European continent for ten days. Of course, with this opportunity comes requirements. Students selected to participate had to have a high GPA and be nominated by Beta. As described on the EF Tour’s website, “Students take a multi-city lap around the Alps for a comprehensive understanding of the region's people and traditions.”
Participating students and chaperones have been holding meetings to further understand and prepare for the life-changing trip. Mrs. Kim Bishop, the sponsor for Cedar Key, has diligently been working and getting things lined up for the trip in June. Fundraisers are being held, including at the fall seafood and spring arts festival.
The largest fundraiser is being conducted fees must be paid in February. This fundraiser is the CKS Legacy Squares. The Legacy Squares are plastic diamonds constructed to fit the chain link fence in the front of the school. Different sizes are available and they can be customized. Eventually, the squares will be formatted to create a wave dimension to compliment the memorial shark statue for D.J. Emanuel.
For more information on the trip, or about sponsoring a student, contact Kim Bishop at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.