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CKS Students Assist and Learn
at Community Garden
 14 December 2016
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Tom Deverin, with assistance from gardeners Alban, Joe, Pat, Sally, Frank, and Jeri, showed the Agriculture classes from Cedar Key Middle and High School the do’s and don’ts of gardening. About 30 students were ready with paper and pencil to take notes. Tom asked the students what is the most obvious thing they observe about the garden.  They responded “The raised bed.s.” Tom’s response, “Right! Because most of us gardeners here are old!"
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Tom began the discussion by telling the students three things are necessary for plants to grow: sunlight, water, and nutrients. Plants tell you stuff by looking at them, such as: planting to close will prevent them from growing properly, and wilting may mean to much or not enough water.
Teacher Rachel Weatherington asked for info about: overwatering versu under watering; use of fertilizer;  weed recognition.  Watering is most critical when seeds are first planted and when the plant makes fruit.   There are two types of Fertilizers: organic and chemical.  Organic fertilizers are preferable for many reasons.  
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Tom’s definition of a weed is a plant that has grown in the wrong place.  It may be a perfectly nice plant, but pull it out if you did not plant it there!
The students then harvested the communal garden.  They were shown the proper way to dig up young plants and to replant spacing them far enough apart to allow enough room for growth. 
 The afternoon ended with samplings of salad and cookies brought by Sally Beveridge.  The sage-scented shortbread included sage grown in the garden. The salad included kale and parsley grown in Sally’s garden.  Both were a huge hit with the students.  Many wanted the recipes!   

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