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03 FEBRUARY 2017

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The high school agriculture class has been getting dirty in the garden! This week there was major soil cultivation going on as well as planting. Students in 9-11th grades planted squash, various varieties of tomatoes, habanero peppers, banana peppers, peas, bush beans, and cucumbers. Students also collected fish data. Students are testing, over the course of the school year, whether or not fish grow faster when in an aquaponics system (fish and plants growing in the same tank).

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At this time, there is not data that supports an aquaponic system increasing fish growth rates. Blue gill fish are the fish chosen for the experiment for their hardiness and "eat-ability." At the end of the project, when fish reach harvest-able size, the students will catch and clean the fish with the intentions of donating the meat to the food pantry.​
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